Amari Purple Talk Episode 130 - PRINCE ORIGINALS Revisited

Revisiting the 2019 compilation Originals by Prince, a collection of demos of classics written for other artists.
Welcome to Amari Purple Talk, hosted by Richard Cole with guest PC Munoz. This is a show dedicated to the music and artistry of Prince. We bring you everything we know about Prince and Prince associated artists and the Purple World of music and videos! On this episode of Amari Purple talk we discuss the following:

An in depth analysis of the 2019 compilation Originals. This album is a glimpse into the songwriting and musicianship of Prince as he creates songs for other artists. Probably the closest we get to his work ethic and genius.

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We Funk (2 The Last Band) by Richard Cole
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Amari Purple Talk Episode 130 - PRINCE ORIGINALS Revisited
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